Vitamin D and Your Teeth

Almost everyone living in the UAE already knows how Vitamin D deficiency affects our bodies. However, did you know that Vitamin D and your teeth are also related?

First off, we need to remember that sugars and starches themselves DO NOT cause tooth decay. Acid produced by bacteria in your mouth is what actually causes cavities.

Vitamin D helps produce compounds in your mouth called defensins and cathelicidin. Both of these contain antimicrobial properties that help lower the number of cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. The less bacteria in  your mouth, the less likely you are to develop severe cavities.

vitamin d and your teeth

Image Source: Vitamin D Council

In addition to brushing and flossing, you should also make sure you (and your children) are getting adequate amounts of safe sun exposure every day. Exposure to the sun helps your body regulate the production of Vitamin D, which in turn may help fight against cavities.

Tips For Safe Sun Exposure

Here are some fantastic tips from Vitamin D Council about safe sun exposure:

  • You don’t need to tan or burn your skin to get Vitamin D
  • You can take Vitamin D3 supplements if you are worried about skin cancer or live in a location that isn’t ideal for sun exposure.
  • Generally if you have lighter skin it takes less time to produce Vitamin D than if you have darker skin.
  • The more direct contact your body gets with the sun, the better. That means the amount of skin exposed and whether you wear sunscreen will affect the amount you produce.

Always speak to your doctor or dentist if you have any questions about sun exposure and your health.


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