Mandatory Health Insurance Law in Dubai

health-insuranceIn 2013 a mandatory health insurance law in Dubai was announced by the government. It states that basic health insurance in the Emirate would be compulsory from 2014 onwards.

According to the announcement, all companies in Dubai must provide their employees with basic health insurance coverage. It is important to note that spouses, children and anyone else under an individual’s sponsorship will also be affected by Dubai’s mandatory insurance law. Companies are urged to offer health insurance coverage for an employee’s family, but it is NOT COMPULSORY for companies to do so.

In the case of a company not offering health insurance for an employee’s family members, then that individual is responsible for providing basic health insurance for anyone he sponsors. Maids, nannies, drivers and anyone else under an individual’s sponsorship are also entitled to basic health insurance. Eventually the mandatory health insurance requirement will be tied to residency visas; no one will be granted a residency visa without proof of health insurance.

The Dubai law follows a similar mandatory health insurance law established in Abu Dhabi back in 2008.

When Will This Happen?

The  deadline to provide health insurance is based on the number of employees in a company.

Number of employees Last Day to Comply
1,000+ October 31, 2014
100 – 999 July 31 , 2015
99 and fewer June 30, 2016

* Individuals who need to purchase health insurance for people they sponsor must do so by June 30, 2016.

Is Dental Coverage Included?

So what does this mean for dental coverage? Not that much unfortunately.

First let’s take a quick look at what Dubai’s mandatory health insurance law covers.

Basic health insurance must cover:

  • Visits to a General Practitioner
  • Referral to specialist doctors
  • Surgical procedures
  • Laboratory tests
  • Maternity care
  • Accident or emergency treaments

This is the bare-minimum that a health insurance policy must cover. Of course, employers are free to provide coverage above and beyond the minimum.

The basic health insurance will NOT include*:

  • Dental procedures
  • Vision or optical coverage
  • Cosmetic treatments

* Dental and optical treatments as a result of an accident or emergency may be covered.

Mandatory health insurance is a hugely positive step forward for everyone living in Dubai. Unfortunately paying for most dental treatments is still the burden of the patient. Some basic health insurance plans will cover preventative treatments (ie teeth cleanings), but you still have to wait between 6-9 months for your waiting period to expire.

Does your insurance plan cover dental treatments?


NOTE: Information for this blog was provided by the dentist/dental clinic or retrieved from the public domain. This is not an advertisement. Inclusion in this blog is not an endorsement by The Dental Card and is provided for informational purposes only.

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