Will “Chocolate Toothpaste” Make Fluoride a Thing of the Past?

Earlier this month we started compiling a list of retailers in the UAE that sell fluoride-free toothpaste. The natural living trend is growing in the UAE and it’s important for people to know there are alternative ways to keep up their oral health as well.

Theodent aka “Chocolate Toothpaste”

Theodent, the so-called “chocolate toothpaste,” will definitely interest people who are looking for a fluoride-free toothpaste. It’s main ingredient Rennou, is a non-toxic blend of minerals and a cocoa extract that is naturally found in dark chocolate. The makers of Theodent claim that Rennou is more effective than fluoride in strengthening and protecting teeth against tooth decay.

theodent chocolate toothpaste

Although it’s being referred to as “chocolate toothpaste,” it isn’t actually made of chocolate (at least not the chocolate you were hoping for!). In fact, Theodent doesn’t even taste like chocolate. It’s actually minty.

How “Chocolate Toothpaste” Works

The surface of your tooth is made up of enamel which acts like a shield to protect it. There are millions of microscopic holes or pores covering the enamel of the tooth. These pores leave the tooth susceptible to bacteria that deposit acid which causes tooth decay (cavities or caries).

Rennou has been observed to increase the size of the mineral crystals that make up tooth enamel. As this happens, the pores shrink in size and aren’t as accessible to bacteria.

Where to Buy Theodent

Unfortunately Theodent isn’t being sold in the UAE right now. If you have an Aramex Shop & Ship account, you can buy Theodent online through Amazon.


The makers of Theodent claim that “fluoride rinses…will be a thing of the past.” Do you agree?

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Is this available for kids? I make my own toothpaste for my husband and me but my kids don’t like it no matter how much I’ve tried to make the flavor kid friendly.


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