The Dental Card Managing Director Featured in The National

Georges Georgiou, Managing Director of The Dental Card, was featured in The National this week. The article focused on entrepreneurs in the UAE and how they deal with being the owners of their own companies.

The Dental Card in The National
This is what he had to say:

Challenge yourself to improve your product or service every day

Even if your product or business is doing well, Georges Georgiou, a 42-year-old British Cypriot and owner of The Dental Card – an alternative to dental insurance – says that you should always try to find out how things can be done better.”The moment you get complacent, one of your competitors could swoop right by you,” he warns.

“My view of a good brand is something that is consistent, but not stale. Brands must be consistent in delivering something of value regardless of whether 100 or one million people are buying it. What consumers want and need changes regularly, and brands should evolve to make sure they deliver a relevant product. Even if your sales are steady, what is the harm in trying something new to grow your business?” he asks.

Check out the full article in the Lifestyle section of The National or online: “How to Stay Motivated When Working for Yourself” by Andrea Anastasiou

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The Dental Card

The Dental Card is an alternative to dental insurance.

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