To Rinse or Not to Rinse

Most people rinse after brushing their teeth. Seems logical. Who wants a bunch of bacteria, saliva, food particles and toothpaste left over in their mouths after brushing.

Isn’t the point of brushing your teeth to remove these things from your mouth?

To Rinse or Not to Rinse

rinse after brushing


If you rinse after brushing your teeth, you aren’t the only one. It’s actually quite common practice. However you are missing out on the benefits of one of the key ingredients of toothpaste: fluoride.

Fluoride is known to help fight tooth decay by strengthening teeth. Public water supplies that are fluoridated have been shown to reduce tooth decay in the community by 20-40%.¹

It should be said that many natural health experts don’t advocate fluoride as a safe ingredient.

What Dentists Recommend

Many dentists are now recommending that you spit, but don’t rinse after brushing your teeth. Other dentists say it’s all right to rinse lightly with a little bit of water. To confuse you even more, there are some dentists that instruct patients to rinse after brushing to remove plaque and bacteria.

And in case you aren’t confused enough, some people are naturally resistant to tooth decay (lucky them) or lead a lifestyle that reduces the risk of tooth decay (ie not eating sugary foods). These people may not need the added benefit of fluoride at all!

Dental care is like any other medical science in that advice can range depending on the dentist and the patient. What’s good for one person may not be good for another. This is an important reason why you should visit the dentist regularly to make sure your dental care routine is working for you.


If you don’t like the idea of not rinsing after you brush your teeth, then go ahead and rinse. Ask your dentist about a fluoride mouthwash and how that can help you get the benefits of fluoride.

If you prefer not to use fluoride at all, there are plenty of fluoride-free toothpastes and mouthwashes for sale in the UAE.

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Do you rinse after brushing your teeth?


¹ Fluoride & Floridation – American Dental Health Association. Retrieved August 29, 2013, from

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I alway rinse quite vigorously actually. I was taught to end with a clean mouth and that means to spit out all the toothpaste and yucky stuff in my mouth. I don’t really feel like I’ve done a proper job of brushing my teeth unless I give it a good rinse.


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