Do Children Need to Floss?

Do children need to floss? The short answer is YES.

Dentists recommend that parents start flossing their child’s teeth as soon as the child has 2 teeth that touch. For most babies this will be between 6-12 months old when their central incisors (on the top and bottom) come in.

order baby teeth appear

Parents should be flossing children’s teeth for them until they are old enough to do it themselves. A young child can probably start flossing on their own around 8 years old. Even at this age it’s a good idea to supervise children to make sure they aren’t flossing incorrectly.


  • Lead by example by flossing in front of your childdental floss toothpick
  • Use floss picks instead of traditional floss string
  • Be gentle! Don’t overfloss or floss aggressively


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Busy Mommy DXB

I didn’t realize that kids need to floss. I guess it makes sense especially if they’ve got their permanent teeth but I really didn’t think that babies/toddlers needed to floss too.

I love the chart you’ve included to show the order that baby teeth come in. That’s very handy.


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