Alternative to Dental Insurance in Dubai

Dental insurance in Dubai  is only available as an additional option to some health insurance plans. That means if you want dental coverage, you need to pay extra.

Downsides of Dental Insurance in Dubai

Dental insurance can be a touchy subject even amongst dentists (but that’s the subject of a whole different post). For patients, there is definitely a love-hate relationship between us (the patients) and dental insurance. Here’s why:

  • Some insurance plans only offer dental insurance as an add-on for group plans (not individuals)
  • Most have long waiting periods
    • 6-9 months for routine treatments
    • 6-12 months for major treatments
    • 10-24 months for orthodontic treatment
  • Dental insurance can be expensive
  • Low coverage limits
  • Certain treatments can be subject to pre-approval
  • You have to file paperwork and wait to get your money back

So What Are Your Choices?

Dubai Health Authority recently commissioned a study that showed most Dubai residents are either A) not going to the dentist in Dubai or B) not going at all. The people in group “A” are probably going to the dentist “back home” or in a neighboring country where the cost of dental care is cheaper.

We know that cost is one of the major reasons Dubai residents aren’t going to the dentist as often as they should. The Dental Card was created to help make going to the dentist easier and cost-effective, for everyone. That’s right, everyone.

There are no restrictions on who can buy The Dental Card. Even if you already have dental insurance, you can use The Dental Card after you’ve reached your annual coverage limits or while you’re waiting for your waiting period to expire.*

Members of The Dental Card benefit immediately:

  • No waiting periods
  • No coverage limits
  • No pre-approvals
  • You never have to file paperwork to get reimbursed

Learn More About How The Dental Card Works

* The Dental Card can be used once you have exceeded your dental coverage, while you are within a waiting period or instead of dental insurance. It cannot be used in conjunction with dental insurance.


Feel free to leave us a comment below and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!


NOTE: Information for this blog was provided by the dentist/dental clinic or retrieved from the public domain. This is not an advertisement. Inclusion in this blog is not an endorsement by The Dental Card and is provided for informational purposes only.

The Dental Card

The Dental Card is an alternative to dental insurance.


is dental card insurance availble for purchase now? my wife is having some pain in her tooth but we do not have dental insurance. the cost is very high to get treatment in private clinics. thank you

The Dental Card

Hi Salman. We are getting ready to launch in about 2 weeks.

Just to clarify though, The Dental Card is NOT the same as dental insurance. We offer a product that is more flexible than dental insurance and helps you save money when you go to the dentist.

Feel free to post any other questions you have. Thanks again!

wandering bub

Hi, thank you for writing this article. My family is moving to Dubai in September and we will have health insurance but it won’t include dental.

If we get the Dental Card then how long is it good for? Do we pay monthly or quarterly like a premium?

The Dental Card

Hi Wandering Bub. Welcome to Dubai! Unfortunately you’re family is in the same position as many others here.

To answer your question, The Dental Card is a yearly membership. One of the unique features of The Dental Card is that you can wait until you need it before signing up. Your membership is activated right away and there are no waiting periods like with dental insurance. That way you don’t have to pay for something that you aren’t going to use. Although of course it’s recommended that you see a dentist twice a year (and not just when your teeth start to hurt)!

We hope this answered your question!


can you tell me how you regulate the dental clinic charges for treatment
if it is down to the clinic to charge what they want, then nothing is to be gained. The moment you say you have the dental card the price goes as high as if you did not have it. The dental practices do not want to lose out

Seema Vishwas

It’s absurd that dental is not covered in insurance. I often need to go to the Dentist and they are so….so costly in Dubai. In this way I’ll lose all my salary to a Dentist! I want this card and the full details of it. Pls. contact me on my said e mail. I just want to know one thing, can this insurance be used in another Asian country?

The Dental Card

Hi Seema, unfortunately oral health has always been seen secondary to “medical” health. However, all medical professionals will tell you that good oral health is integral to one’s overall health. Not having good dental coverage means people can’t afford to see the dentist regularly; which is a major factor in poor oral health. 🙁

As of now, The Dental Card is only available for use in the UAE (Dubai and Sharjah). We are looking to expand into other Middle East and Asian countries soon.

You can find details about The Dental Card on our website:

Thanks for commenting!

Salai Saleem

Thinks are not clear either in your presentation or your clarification. Let me ask you directly, is this card a dental insurance card ? how much I should pay yearly..and how much I should pay in case I have to pay AED. 850 for a root canal treatment? Please clarify

The Dental Card

Thanks for commenting on our blog. We are happy to answer your questions. To make it easier, we’ll break them up point-by-point.

1. The Dental Card is an insurance plan. We are an ALTERNATIVE to dental insurance. Members of The Dental Card are not limited by standard dental insurance policies such as waiting periods or pre-approvals. The choice to have any dental treatment done is made between you and your dentist.

2. An Individual card is just 300 dhs and would be valid for 1 full year. There are no deductibles, co-pay or premiums. Just a one-time fee.

3. Using your example, if a root canal would normally cost 850 dhs at a dentist in our network, then you would only pay 595 dhs. You also get your initial consultation for free, which is an average savings of about 300 dhs. In this example, your total savings would be 555 dhs.

As you can see, you have already saved enough to pay for the entire year’s membership (for an Individual card) with just 1 visit to the dentist. The Dental Card is a way to help you save money while getting the proper dental treatment that you need.

We hope this answers your question. Feel free to keep commenting if you have any other questions.


where can i use this dental card? are there certain clinics or hospitals i can use it at ? and is there a card for the family ?and how much does it cost for a family of 4 ?

The Dental Card

Hi Ghada you can use The Dental Card at any of the dentists in our network. We have a wide network of dentists in Dubai and Sharjah that accept The Dental Card.

There are 2 types of family cards. For a family of 4 the cost is AED 600. With this you get your very first consultation for free and save 30% on your dental treatments. We hope this answers your questions. Please feel free to get in touch again if you have any more questions.

Jingxue LIU

Please kindly tell me how could I get a dental card for my 5 years daughter, she has two decayed teeth, and needs a dental treatment. Thank you.


even if i dont hve a dental insurance ll i be able to use the dental card. if so wat ll be the charges for the each dental treatment with the dental card. is it completely free?

The Dental Card

YES! The Dental Card is the best way for you to get quality dental care without paying full cost. Not everyone has access to good dental insurance, so The Dental Card makes it more affordable to go to the dentist.

The cost of the dental treatments is set by each dentist. All our members save 30% on all dental procedures when they visit a dentist in our network.


A few questions :
1.After the first free consultation how much would the doctors fee be for subsequent check up?
2. So if I have understood it correctly for any dental procedure there is a 30% discount.

The Dental Card

Hi Nandita, thank you for your comments.

You are correct that any dental procedure is offered at a 30% discount by all the dentists in our network. The price for each procedure and consultation is different depending on which clinic you go to.


Thanks that was a quick response. If I order the card online what is the timeframe within which it would be delivered. I live in Dubai.
And reference the consultation fee I would probably use the Arwa Clinic so what would the consultation per visit be?


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