Getting a Dentist License in Dubai

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Dubai Health Authority is the government office that issues medical licenses in Dubai. The only way to apply for a dentist license in Dubai, is to submit an application online through the Sheryan system.

How to Apply for a Dentist License

Applying for a dentist license in Dubai is all done online and can take up to 6 weeks to process. Follow these steps to fill out your online application and to submit the relevant documents.

1) Sign up for a DHA e-Service Account. When you first login you’ll need to add some information and choose a default profile.

Step 1 of Application Process Dentist License in Dubai

2) Go to the “Home” page under “Individual” (On the left side of the page). You’ll be taken to the “Individual Home Page.”

Online Application for Dentist License in Dubai

3) Click on “Health Licensing Service.”

4) Now you are on the “Professional Home Page.” Click on “New Professional License” under “Professional License.”

Professional Homepage

5) Fill out the application completely and attach all relevant documents.

6) Pay application fee of 210 AED.

Sheryan System Inbox7) Once your application and documents have been verified, you’ll receive further communication about the DHA assessment in your inbox on your “Professional Home Page” (see steps 2 & 3 above).

8) Choose a date for your assessment and pay the 510 AED testing fee.

9) Once you pass the assessment, you’ll need to upload a copy of your labor card and proof of malpractice insurance.

10) Pay 3,010 AED license fee.

11) Pick up your license at Dubai Health Authority. You must go in person.


You can also watch the DHA’s step-by-step video showing how to apply for a dentist license in Dubai:

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The Dental Card

The Dental Card is an alternative to dental insurance.


I have passed the dha liscencing exam for dental surgeon. Could you please guide me for the processing of malpractice insurance

The Dental Card

Dear Dr. Syed,

Most of the major insurance companies in Dubai offer medical malpractice insurance policies for individuals and groups. Be sure that the policy is approved by the Ministry of Health. If you contact the MOH they might have a list of the insurance companies that are approved to offer medical malpractice insurance.

Dr neha

Hi doctor please guide me regarding the procedure.. On how to apply for examination..


am asking about timing of the GP exam and the content of the exam is focused on basic science or dental medicine…….thanks 🙂


Hi dear Dr Suhail,
Can u plz help me with the notes to pass dha. Wil b a grt help if u can do it…I Got ma exm date for dha..!
Thanks and regards…Tc.


is prometric exam compulsary for DHA DENTAL specialist exams… also please suggest the syllabus for exams…



Im from jordan i graduated from university of jordan DDS, and im doing my internship. can i apply for the license exam aftr i finish my internship ?
or do i need 2 more years of experience , and if yes can i easily apply for a job without a license to get experience in dubai ?


Dear Dental Card, Thanks for the useful info. I have uploaded all the required documents on the DHA website. Do i have to wait for them to give me some sort of eligibility number to book the test at prometric?


My tips for you all is, you can check the Net For “SLE Exam” (i.e., Saudi Licensing Exam) you can get a lot of question models of it. It was very useful. if you are well prepared with those questions you will be able to clear the exam very easily.


HI! i was wondering if a job is required in order to appear for the dental licence exam or can i directly apply for the exam online without having to find a job first , in kuwait ,ill only be eligible for the MOH exam only if get the recommendation letter from the hospital/clinic ,i cannot apply for the licence exam without it.please help

Dr. Dhaval

Dear all ,

Currently, I am pursuing my internship in Dentistry. After completing my internship, I want to work in dubai. From some blogs and artucles i got the news that i have to take DHA license for work in dubai. But i am confused about this ..

Anybody have information regarding this DHA license send me email :

Thank you in advance.

mariam abadir

Im a dentist from egypt and i have taken NBDE Part I & II (national board dental examination)…do i have to take any other tests to work in dubai?

Dr Joanna Santos

Hello! I have a question regarding the Licensing steps for a GD. Do we have any requirements before applying for the License in Dubai? How to be eligible? Thank you. 🙂


have to appear for prometric exam can any one guide me or let me know how to go about i as there is less information on wat to study and how to go about the course for prosthodontics exam.

call me on 9415067894


Hey. Happens it that the employer will pay the malpractice insurance ? Where better to buy malpractice insurance , how much it costs?. How to find a good employer ? Thank you


Hi guys i qualify in 2006 bds frm pakistan did my house job got married now i want to work again please guide me


From October 2015, health-care professionals can transfer their license from one facility to another without having to wait for the earlier 6 months period. This gives them greater flexibility and will allow such professionals to switch to facilities with better perks or to a facility with greater demand for their services.

Dr. Tarjani Momin

Hi Doctor,
I have completed my MDS in Pedeatrics dentistry last year June 2015.
I have 3 years experience after my BDS from September 2008 To May 2012.
Should I apply as General Dentist or is there any requirement for recent work experience.
Awaiting your earliest reply.

Dr neha

Hi,I have been practising since 5 yrs I’m from India interested in dha examinations kindly help with the notes mail I’d also let me know if I can give online examinations

Dr mohit sareen

Hi….I m Dr mohit sareen MDS in oral medicine and radiology from India….I have got an experience of 4 years of teaching in a pg institute after passing my MDS. Now I want to appear for Dubai licensing exam in my speciality. Kindly send me details on how to apply on my e-mail which is mohitsareen99


I want to work as endodontist in Dubai. I want to know the DHA licence procedure and about examination procedure. Please anyone can help.


I am an orthodontist from India with 9 years of experience after post graduation. What’s the procedure to get the license?


I am an orthodontist from India with 9 years of experience after post graduation. How should I proceed to get the license?

Dr Chetan Chandra

hi i want to pass the dha licence exam and want to be a certified Periodontist and Implantologist in Dubai and Abu dhabhi.
i have a work experience of almost 9 years plus (working since 2007 may in a dental college in dept of Periodontology and Implantology). I want some one to guide me to fill the form and help me out to qualify for the exam. can anyone help me in this regard.

mahvish bano

Good afternoon sir!!
I m mahvish bano, i am in my final year of bds. I’l start my internship in January 2017. I want to start my prepration for DHA in my internship itself.i want to know that m I eligible for appering in DHA or HAAD after complition of my internship.

Arwa kadiani

I have completed my. Bds course and have passed nbde exam..can i practise in dubai?

Mustafa ali

I have passed my bds from pakistan
and have 18 years of clinical eperience.
i have also passed Natonal dental board part1
and part 2 from usa.
i just want to know can i get some exemption
from Uae dental exam.please let me know


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