Child’s Skull with Baby Teeth

This blog would get boring if all we talked about was how great The Dental Card is and how you can’t really live without it (all true, by the way). So today we bring you something a bit lighter.

Have you seen that photo of a child’s skull with baby teeth exposed and permanent teeth still beneath the gumline? You know the one that has been making its rounds through various blogs, Google+ postings and Facebook pages. If you don’t instantly know what I’m talking about then you definitely haven’t seen it yet.

Well the photo certainly caught our attention as something wacky and cool so we thought we’d share it too.

child's skull with baby teeth


People are debating whether this is truly what a child’s skull looks like before they lose their baby teeth. We’ve sent it to some pediatric dentists to get their professional opinion. In the mean time, what do you think? Is this a real image of a child’s skull with baby teeth or is it a clever fake?

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wandering bub

Ew that’s so creepy! I can’t believe that picture is real but I guess it makes sense. Where else would those teeth be hiding before they come. My vote is that it’s a real pic.


It is creepy. I guess I never really thought about where teeth come from either? I always thought they “grew” in.


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