Dental Tourism in Dubai

Dental tourism throughout the Middle East is increasing in popularity every year. Many people from this region choose to get dental treatment outside of their home country because of cost, quality, and availability of specialists.

In the past Lebanon and Jordan have been very popular among medical tourists, but instabilities in the Levantine region have caused many travelers to make alternate travel plans. In contrast, the United Arab Emirates has developed into a premier vacation destination because of its stable government and luxury attractions.

Dubai, in particular, stands out as an ideal destination for dental tourism because it offers quality dental care and first-class tourist attractions.

Quality of Dental Care in Dubai

Dubai attracts qualified healthcare professionals from around the world. Because of this, patients seeking dental treatment in the UAE have the unique opportunity to be treated by dentists from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds.

dental clinicDentists and dental clinics in Dubai are licensed and well regulated by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). The DHA and DHCC make sure that dentists in Dubai are highly qualified and skilled in their area of practice. They also have specific guidelines to ensure dental clinics meet strict hygiene standards.

Every dentist in Dubai must go through a lengthy licensing process before he or she can treat patients. This can include an oral or computerized assessment as well as handing over official documents to prove they are qualified to practice dentistry.

Some of these documents include:

  • A valid license to practice in the dentist’s home country or the country where he/she graduated from dental school
  • A certificate of good standing from the local dental association in the country where he/she last worked
  • Dental school transcripts


All dentists in Dubai are required to speak English fluently. In addition to English, most dentists also speak 1 or 2 additional languages. Dentists in Dubai are in a unique position to connect with their patients in various mother tongues, which helps patients feel completely at ease during potentially stressful medical in different languages

To give you an idea of just how multilingual the dentist community in Dubai is, more than 10 languages are spoken fluently by dentists in The Dental Card network alone. Some of these include:

  • Arabic
  • German
  • Bengali
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Farsi
  • Turkish
  • French
  • Urdu

First Class Tourist Attractions

The UAE continues to be the most popular tourist destination in the Middle East because it’s considered safe, yet exotic. Every year millions of tourists visit the UAE for its myriad fine dining restaurants, high end shopping, traditional cultural experiences and outdoor adventures.

Getting to the UAE

As part of the government’s focus on medical tourism, a specific medical visa has been introduced. The “medical treatment visa” is a 30-day, short-term visa which can be extended a maximum of 2 consecutive times (for a total of 9 months).

Right now only internationally accredited hospitals are eligible to apply for the medical treatment visa.

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The Dental Card

The Dental Card is an alternative to dental insurance.

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Is there a travel agency or tourist office that specialises in arranging travel for medical tourism to the UAE?


I know a lot of GCC nationals travel to the UAE for medical procedures because it is expensive to get high quality care in private clinics. However it is expensive here as well, so why are they coming here? Surely the cost of the travel (airplane, hotel, taxi or rental car) must be extremely expensive. Then why not just do it where they already live?


Most don’t come just for medical treatment and will instaed make a complete holiday of it. I presume this is so they can also rest while they recuperate and also can schedule a follow up with the same doctor that treated them. I do see what you are saying about the cost. Medical tourism is big business because it’s not cheap for the patients!


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